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    What is LiteStore?
    A Product Management system created by the Derosion Code Lab. LiteStore can be plugged into your website seamlessly, and is easily customized to match your existing layout.
    Where can I see it in action?
    We've setup an online demo for you. Excuse the mess from other people who may have been testing this software. We can't actively monitor the LiteStore demo, so please do not leave offensive images and content, or be offended by any that may have been left there by others.
    All clear? Launch the demo!
    How can I get LiteStore into my site?
    OK, so you've tried out the demo and decided LiteStore will enhance your online presence. Now what?
    Status Update
    "LiteStore is now available for purchase and installation!
    Note that only PayPal integration is built-in thus far. We are integrating WorldPay and PaySystems next.
    Have a favourite payments processor? Let us know.
    - Dec 5, 2003
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